Portrait of Eve Clone

Media: 3D Animation, Moving Hologram, Acrylic Frame, and Spotlight
57cm x 45cm x 3cm
2010 ~
In “Portrait of Eve Clone”, Pey-Chwen Lin uses 3D animated holograms in an unplugged style to interact with the viewers. Eve Clone is alive under the spotlight, showing her charming gaze and posture, while without any lighting, she becomes invisible. The 3D animation depicts and presents the different colors of her face, the skin textures, the expression in her eyes and her postures. Printed on Eve Clone’s forehead in different languages is 666, the Number of the Beast, as introduced in the Bible in the Book of Revelation (13:16-18). 666, as the beast imprints that control mankind is a symbol of the harmful technological inventions that have seduced and controlled humans. With this artwork, the artist reflects upon the relationship between humans and technology — we have used technology to challenge the origin of God’s creation, but eventually technology will produce negative impacts to mankind and we will be forced to bear the consequences.