Eve Clone IV/V

Media: 3D Animation, Digital Image and Sound, Interactive System, Kinect, WebCam, Computer, Projector, Stereo
Dimensions Variable
Year: 2011

2011“Eve Clone Series I” MOCA, Taipei
2012“YES, Taiwan Biennial”, Taiwan Museum of Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

Created using 3D animation, interactive computer programs, infrared sensors, and webcams, Eve Clone IV/V is an interactive audiovisual installation that features six large-scale “Eve Clone” projected across a three-dimensional, hexagonal arrangement. Incubating in liquid, the Eve Clone is a large alien life form with Number of the Beast, 666 in different languages, on her forehead as a symbol of evil. As viewers approach and their motion are detected in the vicinity, the Eve Clone vigilantly turns her head to gaze at them. With the audience’s moving, it controls her head’s angle, and Eve Clone’s eyes will also follow. it seems that the audience dialogues with huge “Eve Clone” in this queer environment to bring the hidden danger behind the high-tech development out.