Great Image of Eve Clone

Media: Large-scale Projection Installation, Digital Image and Sound, 3D Animation, Interactive System, Sensor System, 3D Printing Object, Computer, Projector, and Stereo Sound
Depends on exhibition site

2020 “Revelation of Eve Clone”: Lin Pey-Chwen +Digital Art Lab, Tainan Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan

After Pey-Chwen Lin completed the “Making of Eve Clone I”, she created an interactive installation, the “Great Image of Eve Clone”, to further explore the relationship between humans and Eve Clone — the way a human gave life to Eve Clone is similar to how humans have created artificial intelligence or artificial life technologies. Numerous Eve Clone bodies are arranged in curved projections. The bodies, beginning with sketches, computer grids, and metallic-colored skin, then gradually transform into the “Great Image” from The Book of Daniel in the Bible, with a golden head, a silver body, a bronze belly, iron legs, and feet that are partly made of iron and partly of clay. Each body is curled up like a fetus with a bowed head, rotating through 360 degrees during its cultivation and gestation. When there is no audience on site, the images of Eve Clone appear in grey tones and are static, but once the audience members begin to enter the exhibition room, Eve Clone gradually becomes colorful and rotates slowly, which connotes how humans give life to Eve Clone. Above the head of Eve Clone are time codes, which are rapidly changing numbers that signify how time and human beings co-exist in the same time and space. Each Eve Clone image, with its time code, self-replicates at a 3-second interval using delay programming. In addition, selected verses in different languages from the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation appear randomly on the soles of its feet, reinforcing Eve Clone’s identity and destiny. To highlight how humans pursue and worship technology, the artist has intentionally created a golden Eve Clone head with 3D-printing. When viewers touch 666, the Number of the Beast, on her forehead, the grand image of Eve Clone transforms into a great image with a moving head and body, showing how she is worshipped by humans. The act of touching also refers to adultery with humans, thus giving her life and making her more lively and more vigorous.