Making of Eve Clone Documentation II

Media: 3D Animation, Digital Prints, Hand Drawing
Size: 105 x 74.7cm x 6 pcs
Year: 2017

“2020“ Body Manifestation : Pey-Chwen Lin Solo Exhibition”, Da Xiang Art Space, Taichung, Taiwan
“2017“Making of Eve Clone — Solo Exhibition by LIN Pey-Chwen”, Galerie Grand Siècle, Taipei, Taiwan

The origin of Documentation of Making of Eve Clone II series is from the animation Making of Eve Clone I. I select three parts of the grid body of Eve Clone such as golden-head with silver-chest, silver-chest with coppery abdomen, iron leg with half iron half mud feet, and combine with Leonardo Da Vinci’s manuscript to emphasize “Great Image”. Then I add signs like computing line sketch, grid, icon, camera, controller…, and create six digital prints with opposite color which is original sketch color and white line on black base. Last, I add my hand-writing annotation to depict the essence of “Great Image.”