Making of Eve Clone II

Media: Interactive Installation, 3D Animation, Facial Recognition System, Mobile Phone, and Screen
Depends on exhibition site

“Making of Eve Clone II” extracts a black-and-white grid image of the merged faces of Eve Clone and the Vitruvian Man from “Making of Eve Clone I”. This interactive installation learns to mimic human facial expressions through audience participation. From a distance, the artwork resembles a 2D print, but after getting closer, one discovers that the face of Eve Clone is a protruding three-dimensional shape, with her eyes blinking constantly to entice the audience. When viewers stand in front of the mobile phone, they will be surprised to find that the facial expression of Eve Clone is exactly the same as their own expression on the mobile phone screen, as if Eve Clone is undertaking an experimental process of imitating humans, learning from humans, and replicating human emotions. While “Making of Eve Clone I” represents how Lin created the body size and skin cortex of Eve Clone, “Making of Eve Clone II” is an advanced project that attempts to imitate human facial expressions and emotions, re-presenting how technology possesses the desire to create artificial life and an artificial intelligence with emotions.

2020 “Revelation of Eve Clone”: Lin Pey-Chwen +Digital Art Lab, Tainan Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan