Making of Eve Clone IIA: Putin’s Talk

Media: Digital Video and Sound Projection, 3D Animation, Facial and Voice Recognition System, Mobile Phone, Computer
Depends on exhibition site

Video Length: 1:44

“Making of Eve Clone IIA:Putin’s Talk” is a continuation series of “Making of Eve Clone II" interactive installation which is emphasizing on the imitation ability of Eve Clone who can mimic the facial expression of the audience in real time.

In this video “Making of Eve Clone IIA": Putin’s Talk” shows that “Eve Clone” has become President Putin who is explaining the reasons of Russia’s war against Ukraine on date February 24, 2022.

This series will be further developed to include other ambitious figures from various countries, using Eve Clone to represent their voices and expressions from public speeches, representing their faces of those in power who are in control of technology, culture, politics, or the military.

2022 “Somatosensory Boundary “, Remarkable Cultivation Fine Arts Museum, Tainan, Taiwan