Making of Eve Clone III

Media: Large-scale Projection Installation, Digital Image and Sound, 3D Animation, Computer, Projector, Screen, and Stereo
Depends on exhibition site

In “Making of Eve Clone III”, Lin Pey-Chwen continued to select scriptures from the Book of Daniel and Book of Revelation in the Bible, and also included the Proclamation of God’s Kingdom by the Prophet, Elijah Hong. These texts are projected throughout the entire exhibition space, which was made possible by the use of mesh wrapping and perspective technology for digital images. Videos featuring large, bold fonts slowly flow outwards, gradually expanding, and then they start to emit light. With digital spiritual music in the background, the artist creates a kind of immersive space that transcends the print frames, forming an irresistible tension. Finally, the videos “Great Babylon” and “Revelation of Eve Clone IV” have been carried by the screen monitors and installed in the space. The plot of the films and the projected texts intersect and resonate with each other, making a powerful statement about the important revelation of the Bible prophecy and the Proclamation of God’s Kingdom.

2020 “Revelation of Eve Clone”: Lin Pey-Chwen +Digital Art Lab, Tainan Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan