Making of Eve Clone I MR

Media: Mix Reality Interactive Installation, Digital Image and Sound, 3D Animation, Computer, MR program, Projector, Stereo
Dimensions Variable
Year: 2019
Time: 7’00″

2019 “Making of Eve Clone III”, The Fine Arts Museum of National Defense, Taipei, Taiwan

Making of Eve Clone Portraits IMR is a continuous series of the Making of Eve Clone I video, extending the digital images of da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and Eve Clone into a real space. The viewer, is invited to put on an MR(Mixed Reality)helmet, will be surprised to find a huge integrated image of Eve Clone and Vitruvian Man standing in the space like the Great Image. Combined with the background music and Bible verses read by computerized voice ringing in the viewer’s ears, this audio-visual experience drastically differs from past experiences, creating a sense of unease in the audience.

The video is a narrative. The large, integrated image of Eve Clone and Vitruvian Man present a 360-degree image with a slow rotation. Eve Clone then emerges on da Vinci’s draft as if embossed before entering into the wireframes of the black computer space. There, it splits into six images, surrounding the main body of Eve Clone, and eventually it is integrated again with Vitruvian Man. This process conveys the image of Eve Clone, a product of technology, has the perfect ratio that da Vinci developed for the Vitruvian Man. It also conveys the desire expressed in da Vinci’s work, that humans are the center of the universe. Moreover, it represents the replication of Eve Clone and the magnificence of her existence, like the power of technology in human life.