Revelation of Eve Clone I

Media: 3D Animation, Digital Image and Sound, Computer, Interactive System, Web Cam, Computer, Projector, Stereo
Dimensions Variable
Year: 2011

2015 “The Apocalyptic Sensibility: The New Media Art from Taiwan”, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan 2011 “Eve Clone Series II”, Galerie Grand Siecle, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 “ WRO 15th Media Art Biennale Pioneering Values”, Wroclaw, Poland
2012 “Eve Clone Series III”, Art Stage Singapore, Singapore
2011 “Next Body” Digital Art Exhibition, Huashan1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

The large-scale projection interactive installation, Revelation of Eve Clone I, further presented that Eve Clone had artificial life and reproductivity. After the viewer entered the exhibition realm, Eve Clone’s life index (the Time Code on the computer) was activated, and her body gradually turned from black-and-white to colorful, and her body was reproduced into a whole line of bodies. The number of reproduced Eve Clones can be adjusted according to the size of the projection space; a large space allows more reproduction. This work discusses life being reproduced, its Time Code and reproductivity activated by human intervention.

Eve Clone’s life index (the Time Code on the computer) increases in milliseconds as time goes by, showing her coexistence with humans. Finally, to define and reveal Eve Clone’s identity and power to control humans, I boldly incorporated Bible passages from the “The Book of Revelation” about the Whore of Babylon and 666, the Number of the Beast, presented in six powerful languages at the bottom of each Eve Clone. The languages included Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, representing the three powers of politics, culture, and religion, respectively, because it was written in these three languages when Jesus was crucified: “Jesus Of Nazareth The King Of The Jews” (John 19:19–20). Chinese, English, and Arabic were also included to represent the three contemporary strong powers. The text was randomly shown at the bottom of the image by the computer, and the background music was hymns mixed with weird iron rubbing sound effects to emphasize the fake holiness. Each time the work was exhibited, the Time Code of Eve Clone differed. Later, in order to record her Time Code each time, I created the series Making of Eve Clone Documentation.